AKAI Proffesional MPK Mini Mk3 in 2023 is it Worth it?





Midi Keyboard Home studio set up featuring akai mpk mini mk3
Midi Keyboard Home studio set up featuring akai mpk mini mk3

Akai embarked on its journey with the initial release of the MPC60, marking the inception of their renowned MPC (Music Production Centre) lineup back in 1988.

Over the years, the company has remained dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, continuously refining and expanding their product range to include a plethora of impressive devices.

Among these offerings, the MPK series stands out as a prime example of Akai's commitment to delivering cutting-edge tools for musicians and producers.

Akai mpk mini mk3 introduction
Akai mpk mini mk3 introduction

The AKAI MPK Mini Mk3 is a highly versatile and compact MIDI controller designed to empower music producers, beatmakers, and performers with a powerful toolset in a portable form factor.

In this thorough music production review, we will delve into the key features, functionality, pros and cons, and critical points to help you understand

why the MPK Mini Mk3 has become a go-to choice for music enthusiasts around the world.

Design and Build Quality:

Akai MPK mini mk 3 build qualityAkai MPK mini mk 3 build quality

The MPK Mini Mk3 boasts a sleek and robust design, featuring a compact form factor that is perfect for on-the-go music production.

Its black matte finish gives it a professional appearance, and the keys and pads offer a satisfying tactile experience.

The controller weighs just under 2 pounds, making it highly portable without compromising on build quality.

The solid construction ensures durability, even during intense performances or frequent travels.

akai professional mpk mini mk 3
akai professional mpk mini mk 3

25 Velocity-Sensitive Mini Keys:

The MPK Mini Mk3 features responsive mini keys that allow for expressive playing while maintaining a compact size.

Though smaller than standard keys, they still provide a decent playing experience, allowing you to create melodies, chords, and intricate patterns with ease.

Eight RGB-Backlit Drum Pads:

These velocity-sensitive pads provide a dynamic and intuitive way to trigger drums, samples, and other sounds.

The RGB backlighting enhances visual feedback and customization options, allowing for easier identification of assigned functions and improving your overall performance experience.

Akai MPK mini Mk3 Key Features:

Akai mpk mini Mk3 illustrationAkai mpk mini Mk3 illustration

Eight Assignable Knobs:

These knobs enable control over virtual instruments, effects, and parameters within your chosen software, giving you hands-on control for precise adjustments.

The knobs have a solid feel and are well-positioned for easy access during performances or production sessions.

With assignable functionality, you can customize them to suit your workflow and musical preferences.

Innovative OLED Display:

The addition of a high-resolution OLED display enhances the user experience by providing real-time visual feedback on parameter values, settings, and more.

This display ensures better visibility, even in dimly lit environments, allowing for improved control and customization.

You can easily navigate through various functions and settings directly from the controller itself.

Arpeggiator and Note Repeat:

The onboard arpeggiator and note repeat functions offer creative possibilities for generating intricate melodies, patterns, and rhythms effortlessly.

The arpeggiator allows you to explore complex chord progressions and melodic sequences, while note repeat helps you create rhythmic patterns and drum rolls in real time.

These features can inspire new musical ideas and add depth to your compositions.

Dedicated Octave Up/Down Buttons:

Quickly shift the keyboard's octave range, providing access to a wider musical range without having to reach for your computer.

This feature is especially useful for players who need to explore different octaves or work with instruments that span a broad tonal range.

It allows for more versatile and dynamic performances, ensuring that you're not limited by the compact size of the controller.

Pitch Bend and Modulation Controls:

The pitch bend joystick and modulation wheel allow for expressive playing and dynamic control over pitch and modulation effects.

These controls enable musicians to add nuance and emotion to their performances, enhancing the overall musical expression.

Whether you're bending notes for a guitar-like effect or adding vibrato to a synth lead, the pitch bend and modulation controls give you the freedom to shape your sound in real time.

Comprehensive Software Suite:

The MPK Mini Mk3 comes bundled with a versatile software package, including MPC Beats, Akai Pro MPC Essentials, AIR Hybrid, Mini Grand, and more, expanding your creative potential right out of the box.

These software tools provide a wide range of sounds, effects, and production capabilities to help you craft professional-quality tracks.

MPC Beats serves as a powerful digital audio workstation (DAW), allowing you to record, arrange, and mix your music with ease.

Akai Pro MPC Essentials offers a streamlined production experience with a variety of virtual instruments and effects.

AIR Hybrid and Mini Grand provide high-quality sounds, emulating classic synthesizers and pianos, respectively. The bundled software gives you a solid foundation to start producing music and experimenting with different styles and genres.

Does the Akai MPK mini Mk3 have built-in sounds or software?

Setup and Compatibility:

Akai MPK mini mk3 set up and compatibility
Akai MPK mini mk3 set up and compatibility

The MPK Mini Mk3 is designed to work seamlessly with both Mac and PC operating systems.

It utilizes USB-MIDI connectivity, eliminating the need for additional power supplies or adapters.

The plug-and-play functionality ensures a hassle-free setup process, making it beginner-friendly while still catering to the needs of advanced users.

The controller is also compatible with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs), such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, and more, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly into your existing production workflow.


The compact size makes it ideal for musicians on the move.

allowing you to produce music anywhere, anytime. It easily fits into a backpack or laptop bag, making it a great companion for travel and live performances.

Whether you're on the road or simply want to work in different environments, the MPK Mini Mk3 offers the freedom to create music on your own terms.


With its extensive feature set, the MPK Mini Mk3 can cater to a wide range of musical genres and production styles.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer, this controller offers the flexibility to adapt to your creative needs.

From creating beats and electronic music to playing melodies and triggering samples, the MPK Mini Mk3 can handle various musical tasks with precision and ease.

Quality Build:

Despite its small size, the controller feels sturdy and durable, with responsive keys and pads.

The knobs and buttons also have a solid construction, ensuring longevity even with regular use.

This durability gives you confidence in the controller's reliability, allowing you to focus on your music without worrying about hardware issues.

Software Bundle:

The inclusion of high-quality software provides a vast array of sound options and production tools.

MPC Beats serves as a powerful DAW, offering a user-friendly interface and essential features to kick-start your music production journey.

Akai Pro MPC Essentials expands your sound library with a collection of virtual instruments and effects, allowing you to explore different sonic textures and create unique sounds.

AIR Hybrid and Mini Grand provide access to realistic synthesizer and piano sounds, respectively, enriching your compositions with professional-grade tones.

The bundled software gives you a comprehensive set of tools to express your musical ideas and elevate your productions.


The MPK Mini Mk3 offers exceptional value for money, providing professional-grade features at an affordable price point.

It is an accessible option for aspiring musicians and producers who want a reliable and feature-rich MIDI controller without breaking the bank.

With the MPK Mini Mk3, you don't have to compromise on quality or functionality, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their music production setup without overspending..



Limited Key Size:

The mini keys might feel cramped for users accustomed to standard-sized piano keys.

If you have larger hands or require more precise playing, you may find the smaller keys to be a limitation.

However, it's important to note that the compact size of the controller is a trade-off for portability.

And AKAI has done a commendable job of maximizing functionality within the available space.

Lack of Aftertouch:

The absence of aftertouch functionality may disappoint advanced keyboard players who rely on this expressive feature.

Aftertouch allows for modulation and control by varying the pressure applied to the keys after they are struck, adding an additional layer of musical expression.

While the MPK Mini Mk3 lacks aftertouch, its other features and performance capabilities compensate for this limitation to a certain extent.

Limited Control Surface:

While the MPK Mini Mk3 offers a good number of controls, some users may desire additional knobs or faders for more advanced manipulation.

Depending on your specific workflow and requirements, you might find the available controls to be sufficient or may need to consider a larger MIDI controller for more extensive control options.

It's essential to evaluate your specific needs and determine if the MPK Mini Mk3's control surface aligns with your production style and preferences.

Is Akai MPK mini Mk3 good for beginners?


The AKAI MPK Mini Mk3 is a feature-packed and portable MIDI controller that caters to musicians, producers, and performers of all levels. Its compact size, versatile feature set, and affordable price make it an attractive choice for those seeking a powerful tool for music production on the go.
While it may have some limitations, such as mini keys and the absence of aftertouch, the MPK Mini Mk3 excels in its build quality, software bundle, and overall value.
Whether you're a beginner exploring music production or a seasoned professional seeking a portable solution, the AKAI MPK Mini Mk3 is a solid investment that will unlock your creative potential.
With its intuitive controls, comprehensive software package, and durable construction, the MPK Mini Mk3 empowers you to create music anytime, anywhere, and express your musical ideas with confidence.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the world of The Akai mpk mini mk3.

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original colour: $99 -- €99,50

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